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Cardio, Strength, Active Release.

Myx Fitness combines the perfect balance needed to restore your mind and body and energize the soul. Each workout combines cardio, strength and active release phases into single, efficient, complete workout routines.

MYX Total Body

"It was a workout unlike any I've ever done. And I'm a yoga instructor, so I've done it all."

"You no longer have to do classes for everything else."

Hilary Rifkin

Certified Trainer

"The class was TOUGH but that's what you need to sculpt your body. LOVED IT!!!"

Sarah Hoenes

Certified Trainer

Fabian Traugutt

Certified Trainer

MYX Long & Lean

MYX Pure Strength

A 30-minute power class that is strengthened focused. No bike, just weights. Kettlebell, Dumbbell and Resistance Bands are the core equipment pieces to get your cardio & strength training in quick!

Empower your body and mind for the total body workout. This powerful 45-minutes ride will take you through long progressive hills, steady-state flats and, oh, those intervals. Motivating music will inspire you to bring up the intensity, melting away those unwanted calories, while toning your body for a balanced body and mind. 

Walk in fierce and walk out fabulous. A 45-minute intense cardio combined with upper body and core work on the bike, all to the beat of fun playlists. Hand weights are used in the mix to sculpt and tone your arms, shoulders, chest and back. This full body workout will transform the way you look and feel.

MYX Fitness

19 West Elm Street 

Greenwich, CT 06830